This class is designed to transform body, mind and spirit through a creative and challenging yoga practice that promotes stress reduction while it increases vitality, flexibility and strength. This class is for those with an ongoing yoga practice and familiarity with modifications. In this class, advanced poses are practiced, at times moving fluidly from one posture to the next and at other times holding postures for longer periods of time.
Due to the advanced nature of this class, it is not suitable for beginners, and is best if students already have some familiarity with yoga. Also this class is not appropriate for those who are pregnant; have had a recent surgery or injury or have high blood pressure.

Vigorous yoga consists of:

  • Arm balances, inversions, backbends and deep twists with precise sequencing
  • Advance Pranayama Practice with different types of bandhas (Locks)
  • Longer periods of Meditation

Class Day, Time and Location
(Drop in is allowed with prior experience and ongoing yoga practice)