Partner Yoga is the yoga of relationship, the yoga of contentedness. During a Partner Yoga class, you work with another person to help assist one another in each of the pose and to move deeper into it; often achieving much deeper release than you could when practicing on your own.
The support provided by partner can help people to tackle more complex and demanding asanas. This can enhance the effects of the asana, increasing blood flow and energy into the targeted body area.
Partner yoga promotes fun, laughter and creativity as well as relaxation, concentration and balance. Partner yoga allows us the opportunity to really connect with another person and to be fully supported, and supportive. It enhances your relationships with friends, lovers and yoga partners.
Classes are perfect for couples or anyone seeking a deeper experience of the true meaning of the word yoga.

Partner Yoga consists of:

  • Number of asanas -These can involve both people doing the same pose at the same time, or one partner supporting the other in their pose.
  • They focus on building trust and sensitivity to partner’s needs.
  • All Traditional poses like backbends, forward bends, twist, inversions with some adaptations to make suitable for two people.

Class Day, Time and Location
Classes are specifically announced and are informed by e-mail to members.
If you want to add yourself on my mailing list, please contact by mail or phone.
Classes will always be at Om Yoga Center.