Indian Cooking class
(Lentil cooking)
With Kalpana

Day & Date: Saturday, May 3
Time: 11.00 to 2.00 pm
Location: Davidson Center, Kincardine
Cost: $ 55.00 (with full Indian Lunch)
Register:KALPANA.PANDITRAO@BMTS.COMor call 519-396-9874
Entry for limited members

Many people like to become vegetarians, however don’t know how to go about supplementing protein in their diet. Legumes and lentils are great sources of protein
and are an integral part of the Indian vegetarian diet. The purpose of this class is to
learn a variety of ways to include lentils in our food.
I will introduce one lentil recipes along with a few other Indian recipes. We will be preparing a full Indian meal and will have lunch together.

We will be preparing the following recipes: (Different from last classes)

1) Sambar (Indian style lentil soup)
2) Utappam (Lentil Pancake)
3) Indian style Salad (Indian style salad with cucumber, tomatoes and Yogart)
4) Pulao (Basmati Rice with cumin seeds)
5) Chataney (Spicy Sauce for pancake)


Please feel free to provide any suggestions.